Required Documents for Processing

Each mortgage loan requires specific documents to get started on the pre-approval process. Below are the required documents for a purchase transaction. If you qualify, we may also have the opportunity to pull certain income and asset documentations automatically from your employer, the IRS and your banking institution. If applicable there are some required miscellaneous documents listed as well.


  1. Income Documentation
    1. Last 30 days worth of pay-stubs for each borrower on the application.
    2. Last 2 years W-2s for each employer the borrower(s) have worked for over the past 2 years.
    3. Last 2 years personal tax returns. All pages. All schedules. If self-employed of own a side business, business returns for the past 2 years are also required.
    4. If receiving social security income, we’ll need most recent social security income notification letter.
    5. If receiving retirement income, we’ll need retirement income documentation.
  2. Asset Documentation
    1. Last 60 days-worth of all checking and savings accounts listed on the application. All pages, even if blank.
    2. Last quarterly retirement statement for 401k.
    3. Last quarterly stock account statement for any stock assets listed on the application.
  3. Miscellaneous
    1. Colored copy of each borrower’s valid driver’s license.
    2. Copy of the social security card for all borrowers.
    3. Name and contact information for your homeowners insurance agent.

If Applicable:

  1. If divorced, a complete divorce decree documenting child support and/or alimony.
  2. Letter of explanation for any employment gap in the past 2 years
  3. Letter of explanation for any large deposit outside normal payroll deposit.
  4. Information on any debt that may not be showing on your current credit report.
  5. If refinancing, copy of your most recent property survey.
  6. If refinancing, name and contact information of the Homeowners Association for your neighborhood.